Flash Fiction, Writing Sampler
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Swan Song

I lie in bed listening to you play the piano. Your music flows through me, and I dance.

I dance because your music moves me. It transforms me. It takes me back to a time and place when these limbs were graceful enough to embody song.

And in my dance, I dream a dream where you and I shine brighter than all the spotlights on a stage. You hold my hand, and I am not alone. You wipe away my tears and give me strength to face the final curtain call. You kiss my lips as I wake in this dream of a dream.

This dream where you know my name. This dream where you smile at me for all the days of our lives. Where there are no endings, no sickness, no death. Where the silence seeping into these limbs, this heart, this dance is forever chased away by the song of you and me.

Let us dance. You and I. Just one more time in this dream of a dream.

One last time.

Source: Image by Gerald Pereira (cc)

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