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November Update for Current WIP

Quick post before I head off to work.

I’ve been furiously working on the last round of edits for my manuscript. November 11th marks the eighteenth month anniversary from when I first started writing it. The story has changed so much that the first draft is a completely different book.

I hired a freelance (developmental) editor to start late November/early December. The few notes he’s sent me already tells me we’re going to get along. I’m excited to see what the NEXT draft will be like after he’s had a chance to pick things apart.

I also keep hearing about this Save the Cat beat sheet thing screenwriters use to plot out their scripts. Hah! Wish I’d known about it eighteen months ago. Liz Writes Books created a nifty beat sheet spreadsheet for novels. Have you used it before? Did it help? I’m going to try using it to plan out my next manuscript, or maybe I’ll go back to see how my current one fits with all the different points on there.

NaNoWriMo will have to wait until this weekend. I’m already a week behind!!! Hope I can hit my 50,000 word goal by the end of November.

Source: Image by Dafne Cholet (cc)

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