Month: June 2014

#SFFPit and #NLpitchperfect: My Twitter Pitch Party Experience

I took Bree Ogden’s query class on LitReactor last year. Yes. I took a class. And yes, I know I am a total geek. But I’m glad I did, because that’s where I learned about Twitter pitch parties. I’d deleted my Twitter account a long time ago, but after that class, I decided to restart one. Bree also critiqued our Twitter queries which was a nice bonus. Fast forward a year later, my manuscript was ready-to-go. I started compiling a list of agents and discovered New Leaf Literary was holding a two-hour pitch event on Twitter the next day. And while I thought I knew what it would be like, it turned out that I DIDN’T KNOW AT ALL. Because right when the clock chimed 1pm, FOUR THOUSAND TWEETS appeared across my screen. Okay, maybe not four thousand, but I remember sitting in front of my laptop with my mouth open and fingers frozen. The event only lasted two hours, but daaamn…I think that was the first time I realized just how many of us there are. Didn’t get …

Progression of a Manuscript

A while ago, I wanted to see how a manuscript changed from its first draft to final version. Couldn’t find an example back then, so I’d like to show you what happened with mine. Here were the first forty words or so from my first draft: My stepfather taught me how to take a punch, but he taught me how to throw one too. I pushed Lee’s buttons because if he didn’t come after me, he’d go after mom. At this point, the story was set in present day. I spent several months writing the first draft, and somewhere between the second and third draft, I decided the story would work better in a futuristic setting. The opening changed to: The first time I met my biological father, I said the only thing that came to mind: “Seaweed?” “The smell’s not so bad,” he said, his eyes kind. “You’ll stop noticing it in time. The company I hired to facilitate your reassignment uses this shuttle to transport produce from Samsara to Empyrean.” Lee (the stepfather) isn’t gone, …

Holy Moly. It’s June.

A lot has happened since the last time I posted. I geeked out at PAX, ate my way across Tokyo, and got sunburned in Maui. But the biggest piece of news? I finally FINALLY finished my science fiction manuscript. TWO FREAKING YEARS. It took me two years to finish. Started May 2012. Finished May 2014. 81,000 words. 150,000 discarded words. Six drafts. At this rate, it’ll take me eight years to finish the whole series. You should see my writing to-do list. I got most of ’em boxes checked off, y’all. Writing goals moving forward? Start pitching. Write more. I’m not feeling as textually frustrated as I was last year, so I’m revamping my blog (again). There may be a theme change in the near future. Feels good, man.