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Holy Moly. It’s June.

A lot has happened since the last time I posted. I geeked out at PAX, ate my way across Tokyo, and got sunburned in Maui. But the biggest piece of news? I finally FINALLY finished my science fiction manuscript.

TWO FREAKING YEARS. It took me two years to finish. Started May 2012. Finished May 2014. 81,000 words. 150,000 discarded words. Six drafts. At this rate, it’ll take me eight years to finish the whole series.

You should see my writing to-do list. I got most of ’em boxes checked off, y’all. Writing goals moving forward? Start pitching. Write more. I’m not feeling as textually frustrated as I was last year, so I’m revamping my blog (again). There may be a theme change in the near future.

Feels good, man.

Source: Time Jumper by h-k-d (cc)

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