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Groupon Adventures: Acting Class (Part 3)

He’s a guy who’s worked as an engineer for most of his life. Next year, he’s quitting his job to become an actor. “I’ll give myself two years,” he says. “I’m going all out to pursue my dream. If I don’t make it by then, I’ll come back home.” No one knows he’s leaving. His coworkers think he’s moving. His family doesn’t approve, so he’s told them his work is transferring him to a new city. This guy has more heart than I’ll ever have.

Random Encounter

“You look so familiar,” some guy says to me while we’re in line at Starbucks, “Are you a well-known writer?” I give the guy a huge smile. Inside, my mind is all like, “FLWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I LOOK LIKE A WRITER!!! THAT’S, LIKE, HALF THE BATTLE, RIGHT??????” Some of the crazy must’ve slipped out because he backpedals and runs away before I say a single word. Source: Image by Tambako (cc)