Current Projects

Kaleidoscope Sun

Genre: Speculative Fiction
Word Count: 80,000
Status: Querying

Born and raised among convicts in an undersea prison, Emma knows survival isn’t about being the biggest or the strongest. It comes down to basic math: weigh the odds then even them out. And the odds have always been against her thanks to an illegal genetic anomaly that gives her the ability to control fire. When her mother’s sudden death is ruled as an accident, the math doesn’t add up. Emma leaves her prison of a home to track the killer on the surface world and finds herself in one of the few remaining bastions of human civilization: a biodome so massive it contains a whole vertical metropolis. 

Her search for answers leads her to an ex-mercenary with a power to turn his flesh to stone. Together, they unravel a deadly plot tied to the war that destroyed the atmosphere—a plot created by a group of fanatics obsessed with genetic purity—and now, the people who killed her mother are coming after them too. They want something embedded within Emma’s genetic code: a formula her mother died to protect—a formula rumored to cure a fatal genetic flaw in the surviving populace.

When Emma finds out the ex-mercenary was involved in her mother’s death, she has to choose between her growing attraction to a man who has become her rock and her one-woman war on the people who destroyed her and her mother’s life. She is faced with a question: how far will she go? Before her lies a path of ruthless revenge, one she is tempted to take even if it means toppling governments, committing genocide, and destroying the man she loves.

Gamer’s Requiem

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Status: Draft Two

Hana Rhys, a gifted violinist, impulsively abandons her studies at America’s most prestigious music academy for a chance at love, but when things go horribly wrong, she soon finds herself immersed in the cutthroat competitive world of real-time strategy games.

Lady of the Snow

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Status: Outlining

Set in Silicon Valley, Lady of the Snow is based on the Japanese folklore of Yuki-onna.